It’s. Getting. Real.

It’s finally happening, I managed to reschedule my sabbatical and snatch a permit. PCT here I come!

I didn’t really dare to hope too much, but things started to shape up last year with vaccination finally a real thing and borders being reopened, and in November I finally decided I’d risk it, talked to my employer once more (a big thank you to my bosses who are so accommodating) and applied for a permit again. This time, I had to wait for the second permit round in January to get one, but I was lucky that time and got assigned to the front of the queue, meaning I had almost free choice of dates to pick from.

In a little over a week, I’ll board the flight to southern California, and a few days later, I will finally put my hand against the southern terminus of the Pacific Crest Trail!

I’m going to hold this short, since I don’t want to spook things. I’ll add more and longer posts to this blog once my feet touch the trail.

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